About Me

First I write. Then I disassemble, dissect, dig, peel away the layers. I like to cut to the quick and leave you with stories that are unflinching, poetic, and impulsive in their momentum. 

I write fiction. Sometimes poetry. Occasionally nonfiction. I’ve been published in literary journals in Canada and the United States and I have an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. I was awarded honourable mention in Room Magazine’s 2017 fiction contest and was shortlisted in Glass Buffalo’s 2017 fiction contest. My work can also be found in “Release Any Words Stuck Inside of You: An untethered Collection of Shorts”.

 If the big one hits Vancouver anytime soon I will die underneath an excess of books and plants, alongside an old dog with a bad ticker and a badass attitude. 

My Work

Dead Amy

Room Magazine’s 2017 fiction contest honourable mention

Birds to Live By

Creative nonfiction on The Tyee

Little Trophies

Fiction on Word and Colour

Release Any Words Stuck Inside of You Anthology

An untethered Collection of Shorts

After He Leaves Me

Poetry on After the Pause